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 TAG Heuer is the world's top luxury brand

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TAG Heuer is the world's top luxury brand Empty
PostSubject: TAG Heuer is the world's top luxury brand   TAG Heuer is the world's top luxury brand I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2014 2:33 am

TAG Heuer is the world's top luxury brand

As the world's fourth-largest luxury watch brand like Breitling Watches, TAG Heuer to accurate, high-quality, innovation as a product of the DNA, to ensure the best movement, the best components, 100% Swiss made, is extremely reliable timepiece. At the same time during the development phase, every TAG Heuer to go through the 60 assessment test as well as manufacturing test, such kind of harsh yardstick shaped TAG Heuer exceptional quality. Continuous innovation, bold innovation and timeless design, the challenge of the limit under the TAG Heuer watch time to time and time again to improve accuracy, from 1 / 10 sec, 1 / 100 sec, up to 1 / 1000 sec. "Beyond" has been appeared in the dictionary Hoya, it is precisely such a spirit of excellence and achievements of the Shi-Hao TAG Heuer to make it won various awards Haute Horlogerie; but also the achievements of the wear TAG Heuer's outstanding personalities.

They, like TAG Heuer Watches, and constantly strive for excellence, attention to every detail, and extraordinary achievements lies.150 years, TAG Heuer has won numerous awards, winning slam. Into the 21st century, TAG Heuer in the past seven years, six were within the watch industry's most prestigious award in Geneva watches. 2002 Microtimer, is the world's first accurate to 1 / 1000 second chronograph quartz watch; 2003's Monaco 69, is the world's first accurate to 1 / 1000 second double-sided timing of quartz mechanical watch, the perfect interpretation of "Dynamic and charm"; in 2005 the Diamond Fiction, by 879 diamonds embedded, the time displayed in the radiance of the diamond among the lean impressed by inventions; in 2006 the Carrera Calibre 360, is the world's first accurate to 1 / 100 second mechanical chronograph watch, another watch technology, the limits of human beings; 2007 Link Calibre S persistent efforts to create the world's first accurate to 1 / 100 second electro-mechanical watch. In 2008, TAG Heuer once again prove their pioneering spirit and the ultimate pursuit, Grand Carrera Calibre 36 RS, is the world's first display can be precisely 1 / 10 seconds on the dial on a mechanical watch.

Crown-wing body TAG Heuer is also the world's largest luxury goods group LVMH's star brands, its not just a fashion brand like Michael Kors Watches, it has never stopped pioneering footsteps. Swiss mountain town of ingenuity Imagination, a half-century of innovative concepts, coupled with the Seiko TAG Heuer has always been a long time washing skills and Mi grinding, TAG Heuer is the control of a well-deserved time artist.
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TAG Heuer is the world's top luxury brand
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