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 Choose Tag Heuer formula 1 watches for Yourself!

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Choose Tag Heuer formula 1 watches for Yourself! Empty
PostSubject: Choose Tag Heuer formula 1 watches for Yourself!   Choose Tag Heuer formula 1 watches for Yourself! I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 4:47 am

Choose Tag Heuer formula 1 watches for Yourself!

TAG Heuer Watches carries within it the visionary genes of its founders Edouard Heuer and his sons Jules-Edouard and Charles-Auguste: entrepreneurship, innovation, an obsession with ultimate precision, and a deep love of prestigious sports. From the oscillating pinion to the Mikrograph, the world's first mechanical stopwatch accurate to 1/100th of a second, the foundations on which TAG Heuer has built its strength today were in place very early on. Ever since then - and without a doubt this is one of the brand's great assets - men such as Charles-Edouard, Hubert and Jack Heuer, and more recently the contemporary management teams, have had the wisdom to build the brand's strength around these central characteristics, to keep the focus of their efforts, on both product development and communication, within the framework established by our founding fathers. Our DNA is unique; it was created in the late 19th century and continues to drive a substantial proportion of our development in the early 21st century: The Calibre 360 launched in 2006 perpetuates the obsession with precision that resulted in the Mikrograph in 1916; while the TAG Heuer Formula 1 embodies the ultimate blend of prestige and performance, sport and glamour as the Olympic Games and greyhound races did in the 1920s. Choose swiss designer fashion watch or fashion brand like Michael Kors Watches?

1.Andrew Zimmern Watch: Tag Heuer Formula 1 for Celebrity ChefCelebrity chef Andrew Zimmern loves his fruit salad (if that is a fruit salad?) and hismens Tag Heuer formula 1 watch .It's such a Pretty cool watch!

2.Formula 1 drive Juan Pablo Montoya's Tag Heuer Watch

Tag Heuer signed Montoya as one of their brand ambassadors back in 2005. Juan Pablo always wear Tag Heuer men formula 1 alarm watches. However, their contract might have expired because we no longer see his name in the company homepage.

3.Kimi Raikkonen : Tag Heuer formula one sport watches

Finnish hunk Kimi Raikkonen (aka Iceman aka the fastest driver in the planet) used to be one of the high profile sports ambassadors of Tag Heuer but, sadly, his relationship with the company must have ended because we can no longer find him in the Tag Heuer website.But, anyhoo, let's remember Kimi and his Formula One Tag Heuer watches.

4.Fernando Alonso's Tag Heuer formula watches: Celebrity Watches

I hope that you have included Formula One racing driver Fernando Alonso to your list of celebrities with Tag Heuer watches. Fernando may be boyish looking but this hunky Spanish racer is a badass in the racetrack with two world champion titles to his name. He's a polyglot too: he speaks Spanish, English, Italian, and French. And, before you start hating him because he's a guy with everything, you might be interested to know that he also do good things like being a UNICEF ambassador.
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Choose Tag Heuer formula 1 watches for Yourself!
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