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 Old/New Nightwish

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PostSubject: Re: Old/New Nightwish   Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:14 am

Okay, you asked for it Almagest... geek

Here are some of my 'goosebump'- songs of Nightwish.

Angels Fall First- from the first to the last note it's PERFECT!
Riddler- because this song has a enormous drive, especially from Sami on bass.
Walking in the Air- it's a cover but it's an fantastic cover
High Hopes- although i'm a Pink Floyd fan this song is the greatest cover, in my opinion better then 'Phantom of the Opera'!
Siren- like you said, the violin makes this song magical and the orchestral finale is awesome.
Creek Mary's Blood- also thanks to John Two Hawks this song is unforgettable, a true tribute for the native americans.
Sleeping Sun- it's unbelievable that something this beautiful was compose in a very short time.
Dark Chest of Wonders- the intro is phenomenal.
Ghost Love Score- AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, my favorite song ever in every aspect!

Of course there are many more 'goosebump'-songs... cheers

From the DPP-album i really like 'the Poet & the Pendulum' and 'Amaranth' and there is one DPP-song i think that is really fantastic: 'Last of the Wilds', the reason: Anette isn't singing in this one....haahahaha.... just kidding.... geek
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PostSubject: Re: Old/New Nightwish   Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:36 am

Favorite songs from each album? Gotta think about that, be back later with the

And since you mentioned Last of the Wilds...I love the song Ermaaan Viimeinen...I even have the single of that song...
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Old/New Nightwish
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